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According to research, the average motorcyclist rides approximately 1,800 miles per year, just commuting to work.  If you add road trips and adventures on top of that, that number jumps to anywhere between 3,000 and 5,000 miles per year.

That is a long time spent in one position, and if you don’t have the correct motorcycle ergonomics, you could be affecting your overall posture, experience long-term pain, and increase your risk of accidents.

Motorcycle ergonomics involves more than just your riding posture, it also looks at statistics, engineering, psychology, and physiology.  The importance of a comfortable riding seat goes far beyond having a fashionable cushion, it also needs to be fitted to your frame so you’re sitting with a good motorcycle ergonomic fit.

So the question is, how can you improve your motorcycle ergonomics?  The last thing you want to do is cause an injury, without even having an accident. 

Keep on reading this article that explains everything you need to know about improving your motorcycle ergonomics.

1. Find the Right Seat

There are numerous different types of motorcycle seats available, and it really depends on which fits your body best.  One seat may be perfect for someone else, but may not be ideal for your frame.

Some of the different motorcycle seats are:

  • Foam seats (in addition to your current seat)
  • Gel seats (conforms to your body where pressure is applied)
  • Air seats (uses air to relieve the pressure points from your backside)
  • Modified seat cushions (additions to your current seat)
  • Sheepskin (warm for colder climates)
  • Classic (foam on the inside, with vinyl on the outside)

Do your research when deciding on the right seat for you, this involves carefully thinking about your riding style, the type of motorcycle you ride, and how many hours you will be spending on your seat.

2. Adjust Your Seat Height

Motorcycle ergonomics involves having the right seat height for your body.  Your seat should be more narrow in the front, and widen towards the back near your bottom so that your knees are in alignment and tucked in for safety. 

If your seat height is not appropriate for your size, we strongly suggest you invest in a mtotorcycle seat that is the proper height.  This will help you to ride in a proper ergonomic motorcycle position for longer rides.  Regardless of the seat, the right seat cushion can be used to ensure comfort.

There are already 31 million Americans suffering from back pain, you do not want to add to that statistic just because your seat is not at the right height.  It is worth the extra costs of hiring a professional to help you with adjusting your bike so that you do not regret it later. 

3. Adjust Your Handlebars

At first, you may not notice how your handlebars affect your motorcycle ergonomics, yet over time, you will definitely feel the difference.  Make sure that your elbows are not bent too much, and that your handlebars are below your shoulders, and well above your knees. 

4. Foot Controls

Having your foot controls in the proper ergonomic motorcycle position will help relieve pressure off your tailbone and alleviate the tension from your leg muscles.  Before setting your foot controls, consider your ideal riding position for both long and short rides.  This will assist you in setting up your positioning for both highway and residential riding. 

Learn More About Motorcycle Ergonomics

As you can see, motorcycle Ergonomics involves much more than only your seat.  However, your seat is possibly the most important factor to consider for deal motorcycle ergonomics.

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When looking for top-notch motorcycle seat comfort, the inner workings are more important.  Look for materials that stay durable and pliant even after years and miles have taken their toll.

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