Best Motorcycle Seat Cushion of 2020

5 Reasons Wild Ass Is the Best Motorcycle Seat Cushion of 2020

Most motorcycle riders manage to cover 250-300 miles a day when traveling.  The number of miles you log in a day will depend on several different factors.  These include the traffic conditions, weather, endurance level, road condition, and type of motorcycle. 

One of the biggest factors is your abilities and endurance level.  The faster your body and mind fatigue, the sooner you’ll want to quit.  One way to improve your endurance is to make your bike more comfortable by adding a motorcycle seat cushion

We have five reasons why Wild Ass is the perfect bike seat cushion for your ride. 

1. Better Weight Distribution 

Each seat cushion is designed to have several air chambers.  Unlike other air-cushioned seats, the chambers on the Wild Ass cushions are wide and low profile.  This improves how your weight gets distributed and improves your stability while sitting on it. 

With your weight evenly distributed, you’re less likely to experience painful pressure points.  With other motorcycle seats, these pressure points develop and become sore spots that only get worse.  Without this issue, you’re able to ride for longer. 

All of the chambers have connections, so as you move and flex, the chambers will move and flex with you. This enables you to have stability through the curves as your weight shifts. 

2. Promotes Circulation 

The connected air chambers also assist with Circulation.  As the air moves from one chamber to the next, it reduces the amount of pressure felt.  With less pressure, your blood flow increases. 

The better your circulation is, the less likely you are to experience numbness.  Good circulation means your muscles are getting much-needed oxygen.  They’re able to have greater stamina. 

Unlike other cushions on the market, the Wild Ass does its manufacturing in an FDA approved wheelchair cushion factory.  It may have a wild name, but the technology behind it is nothing but serious.  The same design and technology you’ll find in these cushions are present in cushions you’ll see used in the medical field. 

Pain Points 

The Wild Ass seat considers your anatomy.  There are notches in the backside of the cushion to accommodate your tailbone.  This reduces the amount of pressure on it and thereby reduces the amount of pressure you feel through your entire spine. 

The air cells are also tapered throughout the entire the cushion.  This wide channel from the front to back reduces the contact with your scrotum and prostate. 

3. Reduces Shock and Vibration 

Unlike solid seat cushions, the pillowy layer of air between you and your motorcycle reduces shock and vibration.  Reducing both of these improves circulation and prolongs muscle fatigue. 

It also makes for a smoother ride overall.  This is helpful if the roads you’re riding on aren’t exactly the smoothest. 

The Wild Ass cushion is unique, thanks to its combined use of air and gel.  This gives you the best of both worlds in helping to absorb vibration coming through your seat.  With Wild Ass under you, you’ll be ready to keep up with the “Million Mile Man” who set a world record by riding one million miles on a Harley Davidson FXR motorcycle.

4. Increased Ventilation 

Nothing is worse than getting off your bike and feeling that sweaty feeling across the seat of your jeans.  Solid seats and cushions make this situation worse by retaining heat and preventing ventilation. The Wild Ass, however, takes this into consideration. 

There’s space between each of the cells to encourage airflow and aid in the dissipation of heat and moisture.  There’s also a larger channel through the center of the cushion to encourage even greater airflow through the warmest parts. 

The cover on your Wild Ass cushion is a lightweight and breathable polyester material.  It’s also perforated to allow for the greatest amount of airflow.  This constant movement of circulating air will draw heat away from your body and help moisture evaporate. 

5. Seamless Integration 

Generic seat cushions are just that, generic.  Many are not designed or shaped to work with your motorcycle.  Because of this, they never feel totally comfortable or secure. 

Experience something better with a Wild Ass seat.  Each of the three models has a design that’s meant to work with a specific type of bike and purpose in mind.  This means the cushion will seamlessly blend into your bike and become another integrated component. 

All three models come with a non-slip material on the backside.  They also have two elastic straps with hook and loop fasteners on each end.  Slide the straps under your seat and secure. 

Smart Model

The Smart model works with seats on large cruisers, standards, sport touring, and touring Harleys.  Its shape is rounder to follow the contours of your seat.  In the front, there’s a concave notch to create a snug fit against your tank. 

Sport Model

The Sport model has a narrower profile and fits most dual sport, adventure touring, sport touring, and non-touring Harleys.  The tapered front creates a narrower profile that won’t interfere with your leg placement.  The backside has contouring to reduce contact with your tailbone and eliminate this possible pressure point. 

Pillion Model

If you’re riding with a passenger, then the Pillion model is perfect for giving them the same level of comfort that you enjoy.  It’s a rectangle-shaped pad that measures 9 x 11.5 inches, which makes it compatible with almost all motorcycle rear seats.  Its design allows for it to be installed either lengthways or sideways. 

Add a Motorcycle Seat Cushion to Your Bike 

Whether you’re riding down the street or across the state, seat pads are the way to go.  But not just any motorcycle seat cushion will deliver the performance you desire.  The Wild Ass motorcycle air and air gel seat cushions stand out for their unique attention to detail. 

With a Wild Ass under you, you’ll be able to ride longer.  Enjoy improved ventilation, reduced vibration, and increased overall comfort. 

Visit our shop and find the perfect seat cushion for your motorcycle.