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Did you know that Sturgis is considered one of the big four when it comes to famous motorcycle events in the United States?

This year is shaping up to be one of the best Sturgis Bike Weeks of all time. This is all the more reason to ensure you’re ready to take it on. Preparing for big events can be a huge headache for plenty of people.

However, you shouldn’t worry because we can help. Keep reading to learn all about three ways to get ready for Sturgis Bike Week.

1. Mark Your Calendar

The first thing you need to ask yourself is, “When is Sturgis Bike Week?” The last thing you’d want to do is sleep through it. This year, the event will start on August 5th and last until the 14th.

Once you mark your calendar, you should look into where you’ll be staying. A comfortable hotel can end up making or breaking your trip unless you’re lucky enough to live nearby. You should also give your friends and family members a heads up so that they can go with you to all the awesome motorcycle events.

2. Get Your Bike in Order

The biggest disappointment would be to find out that your bike has a huge problem and will be out of commission during most of the Sturgis, South Dakota Bike Week. Instead of discovering an issue before it’s too late, you should take your bike to a trusted mechanic and make sure everything is running like a dream.

You should also upgrade your motorcycle handles, pedals, and anything else that can affect the comfort of your ride. One of the most important aspects of any motorcycle is the seat. Without something that’s akin to a cloud on your cheeks, you’re fun can only last so long.

That’s why you should invest in something ergonomic. That way, you can turn your Sturgis biker week into a biker month or even a biker year.

3. Set a Budget

Time isn’t the only thing that flies when you’re having fun. Money can start flying out of your wallet pretty quickly too. This is why it’s a good idea to set a budget ahead of time.

Think about how much you want to spend on food, what you expect to spend on gas and more. Bike Week tends to have lots of vendors, so you should also limit your souvenir spending.

Are You Ready for Sturgis Bike Week?

Now that you’ve learned about 3 ways to get ready for Sturgis Bike Week,  you can make sure this motorcycle event turns out to be the best one of the year. Be sure to invite your closest friends and family members.

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