Here is the first ever LIVE video done for the Wild Ass Facebook Page! A bit clumsy, but it turned out fine! This was shot during set up for the “2017 Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice Brand Expo and Dealer Show” in Frisco, Texas and gives you a bit of an inside look at our setup for these types of shows.

“First Ever Live Video coming at you from Frisco, Texas! We are in Frisco, Texas getting ready for the Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice Brand Expo and Dealer Show. Here with my Lovely Assistant Renae!

Renae – HI!

Getting ready for the show. We’re going to see if I can flip this thing around, show you the booth that we have coming up for this weekend’s event.

All of your Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice dealers will be here checking us out so they can come home and educate you on what should be the correct Wild Ass for you.

If you have any questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions you would like to see, or learn a little bit more about the Wild Ass line, shoot me a message on this thing here.

I’m Craig, for Wild Ass See you later from Frisco!”

I hope you enjoyed this!


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