Wild Ass is all about rider comfort!

These innovative motorcycle seat pads incorporate the latest in air cell technology to deliver miles of smiles.  With a motorcycle seat cushion for every butt and budget, Wild Ass has a range of products that will keep you seated longer and in total comfort.

Why 3 materials?  Why 3 price points? 

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About Wild Ass

The Wild Ass Motorcycle Air Cushion Was Designed Using Proven Interconnected Air Cell Technology.

The cushion eliminates painful pressure points and promotes circulation by utilizing adjustable interconnected air cells which conform to the riders shape regardless of weight or seating position.

Wild Ass is recommended for anyone who would like reduction of painful pressure points, increased circulation, reduced vibration, shock absorption, heat and moisture reduction and greater overall comfort where ever you sit.

Customer Reviews

Very pleased with the quality, durability and comfort

I saw your product two years ago at the Long Beach, CA motorcycle show. After talking with who I believe is the owner, I ordered the product online. I have had two years with the product and am very pleased with the quality, durability and comfort.


I will vouch for the comments

I will vouch for the comments (we have two of them). The seat on our F800GS is narrow and hard - not at all conducive to lengthy rides. Yes, a $500-$800 custom seat could address that, but I think the @therealwildass did as good or better. Better because the air flow keeps you cooler. We met and bought ours at the BMW National in Des Moines 2 years ago and haven’t ridden a day without them since.


This pad completely paid itself off on the first half of the trip.

I just completed a ride, from DC to Minneapolis and back. While I didn't quite keep up an Ironbutt pace, I was very close. This pad completely paid itself off on the first half of the trip. Without it, I don't think I would have been able to keep up the pace, I would have been stopping more often and for longer from the discomfort.

Keith C

Happy Wife – Happy Life

We tried several brands before going with Wild Ass. The air-gel combination provided the greatest comfort in our opinions. Wife has this one on the back and I have the same type for the front. A must have for the long rides.

Couldn’t have made it without it

I went on a thousand mile road trip from Central Texas to Alpine and Big Bend National Park this weekend using my Wild Ass cushion. It was so comfortable. 300 mile+ days were a breeze. I could have easily gone way longer. On my stock seat, it would have been absolutely impossible. I wish I would have purchased one sooner!


This is exactly what I was looking for.

I bought this to soften the seat on my 2022 KTM 890. It worked perfectly; I can now ride for hours without a sore butt. It also eliminated my lower back pain from a previous injury. It’s like I added air ride. I can't thank you guys enough.



Holy crap, to say that I am excited about how this seat feels is to probably down play it, it's simply amazing.
I was a bit skeptical about spending $200 on a seat "add on", but man I'm glad I did, this baby is unreal.

I've been riding bikes for 20 years now and this is a game changer- to put it plainly- it feels like I'm riding on an "air-ride" seat like they have in big rigs. Once you adjust the air pressure to your butt, it's.... Unreal how comfortable it is. Looking at it, you'd never think it so, but once you get out riding, it's a godsend... I can now imagine long rides without a sore ass. It seems to help dissipate the vibrations from the engine on my single cylinder bike, so that's a plus too I didn't expect, but thankfully a byproduct of the design.

What a huge difference on my long rides of 500+ miles

I saw these guys in Sturgis this year and purchased a Wild Ass cushion for my 2015 Goldwing (yes, even a comfortable seat needs a Wild Ass). What a huge difference on my long rides of 500+ miles at a time. I leave it on all the time as it is part of the bike now. Thanks!


Thank you so much for your speedy response and service

Hi Y'all! My cushion is working fantastic! It is a great relief on my tailbone and I am starting to pack on the miles on my new Indian! Thank you so much for your speedy response and service!
Hoka Hey!


A real butt-saver!

I had previously purchased an AirHawk pad, but ended up losing it before I could really use it much. The problem was the way the AirHawk pad connected to the seat was not very secure. The Wild Ass mounting system mounts much more securely to the bike. I have no worries about it disappearing. And it has a cooler name.

Bennett M

Absolute Game changer

Rode this thing for 50,000 miles plus! Rode to Mexico and Alaska from NYC. Never leaks air. Has been through extreme temperatures 120f- 20f. Acts as additional suspension, your but will always be the last thing to hurt. I’ve spent 18 hours on it and no hot spots. Stop thinking, buy it.


I give the Wild Ass Sport two thumbs up

Had a great 303 miles & a ride across the Delaware Bay on the Cape May Ferry. I give the Wild Ass Sport two thumbs up. I had almost 8 hours out of 10 in the saddle.


I used Wild Ass Motorcycle Air Cushion and had no problems

I just did a 3000-mile trip last week with two legs of 1100 miles each. I used Wild Ass Motorcycle Air Cushion and had no problems with my trip.


All Available Models

motorcycle seat pad

Wild Ass Smart

motorcycle seat pad

Wild Ass Saddle

motorcycle seat cushion

Wild Ass Sport

motorcycle gel seat

Wild Ass Pillion

Gel/Memory Foam

Rider seated on gel/memory foam cushion.

Wild Ass

Rider seated on Wild Ass Motorcycle Air Cushion.

Medical pressure mapping proves the difference.


Eliminates painful pressure points and numbness


Promotes circulation


Reduces heat and moisture build-up


Lowers shock and vibration

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